Roofs Are Damaged By Storms

Severe Weather Threatens To Cause Damage to Woodlands Roofs

The roofing of your Houston area property is the initial line of defense from the weather conditions. On a sunny day, the sunshine can heat your Woodlands homes roof to unbearable temps. On a rainy day, it will be the first to get drenched by the weather. On a gusty day, your asphalt shingles could get blown or torn away from The Woodlands dwelling. Lastly, on the stormy days, a hail storm can beat up your Woodlands roof and cause many thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. What type of damage can a hail or wind storm actually induce? The most common type of roofing damage is known as storm damage. It’s damage brought on by wind, hail, or both.

Severe Storms Cause a Billion Dollars of Roof Damage Annually

During 2009 hail storms precipitated in excess of $1.2 billion worth of property damage in the US. Often times this kind of roofing damage isn’t visible until other parts of your house are impacted. Hail hits result in a decrease in the lifespan of your asphalt shingles.

Hail Can Be Some of the Most Harmful Storm Damage in

Any time hail strikes the roofing shingles the top layer of granules is eliminated from the matting causing damage in the form of little round spots on the shingles. These tiny spots ultimately cause leaking leading to more pricey damage, for example, interior sheetrock rot and upper roof decking damage. It may take a few months or many years for leaks to generate around these marks, however, the ultimate cause is the hail. Deferred maintenance will cause a lapse in the statute of limitations given by the homeowner’s insurance company leaving you, the homeowner, responsible for all the fixes needed. That is why it is vital to have a timely evaluation. You should not hold off until you see a leak to call a Woodland’s roofing professional

Most Homeowners Don’t Consider The Wind To Be Damaging

Wind damage comes about when powerful gusts of wind blow the shingles in such a way which leads to them to crease, crack, or blow entirely from the roof decking. Creased or cracked asphalt shingles become weaker and will continue to blow back in future thunderstorms. While the shingle tabs continue to get blown back and forth upon the weaker crease, the roofing shingle could sooner or later pull away and cause roof decking to be exposed to the weather. Sometimes roofing shingles could lift up from the shingle beneath it enough for debris to lodge underneath. When debris is below the shingle, it’ll no longer properly adhere to roofing. These kinds of damages will undermine the integrity of the roof structure causing leaking and extra damage.

Get A Free Roofing Inspection

The only way to be sure the sort of damage you might have is to have a skilled roofing contractor thoroughly examine the roof. A roofing contractor can help you determine if your roof needs repairs or if it needs to be replaced.

Water Damage Restoration for Austin TX

ATEX Water Damage Restoration

We are Austin’s commercial water damage restoration experts. We respond to disaster calls immediately, you can expect us at your door within the hour. Upon arrival, we will evaluate the situation and put a plan into action to extract standing water and set the drying process in action. With our experience restoring water damaged businesses all over Austin and the surrounding area, we know that quick action is required with water damage to prevent the formation and growth of mold and mildew in the affected areas. We use professional moisture detection equipment to discover all the areas water has penetrated. We’ll document the source and the time of the water intrusion the visible deterioration, and any microbial/mold growth. As soon as the standing water is extracted we’ll set drying process up for affected building materials and contents

What To Do In An Emergency:

  • In the case of a fire call the fire department.
  • For Water Damage call ATEX Water Damage Restoration: We are on call 24/7 1-512-410-5349 so we will respond immediately to help you with your disaster recovery.
  • If you have a leaking pipe, turn off the water nearest the pipe (usually under the sink or behind the toilet).
  • Turn off all water to the house. This will be a valve at the water meter usually outside in front of the house.
  • Find your insurance documentation.
  • Move your possessions away from the area to prevent permanent damage.
  • Help should be arriving at your home or business by now.

 Immediate Response

As an Austin business, having water damage, fire damage or any other disaster problem can be an extremely detrimental situation to business continuity.  Our primary goal in working with our Austin commercial clients is to restore and recover with minimal impact on the business’ functions on a daily basis. Through our vast experience in commercial loss restoration, we provide a valuable asset to our clients. Our vast experience maximizes the efficiency of our technicians working on commercial losses. Our expertise in water damage restoration and mold remediation is a valuable asset to our clients.  We realize a quick response is a key factor in minimizing the negative impact of property damage loss so ATEX Water Damage Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for an immediate response.

Mold Remediation Austin TX

An Overview of the Austin Mold Remediation Process

Complete mold removal is difficult and brings with it potential hazards to your health. Left unattended mold grows exponentially and can and has gone so far as requiring homes to be demolished. For this reason, it is highly recommended that any mold remediation project be handled by qualified experts only. So your best bet in Austin Metro area is to contact ATEX Water Damage Restoration. Our contractors are State Licensed Austin mold remediation experts. Approaching the problem this way will ensure that the job gets done right and that all the proper safety precautions needed to keep you and your family healthy will be used. For most people in the United States, their home is their most valuable asset. We’ll work to ensure this water damage and mold problem doesn’t negatively affect the value of your property.

Mold Remediation is Serious Business

You only want to use a contractor that is a Texas State Licensed Certified Mold Remediation Expert. They will have documented qualifications and certifications so that you can verify their expertise. Mold remediation is definitely not a job for amateurs or a project where you should automatically go with the cheapest option. The cheapest option can, and very likely will end up doing more harm than good, leaving your home with long-term mold problems, ending up being by far the most expensive option.

ATEX Mold Remediation Process Step-by-Step

Our technicians will be able to assess the situation and put together a detail action plan that will get the mold clean-up job done as simply and efficiently as possible. Usually, the first thing we will do when you call make an appointment for one of our Mold Remediation Contractors to come out experts to your home or business. Once they are on-site, they will be able to assess the damage, identify any potential health hazards, that might be a danger to you and your family.

Certified Mold Inspection

After the our initial assessment, if you have a serious mold problem in the State of Texas it is required that you have a certified, independent third-party mold testing company test mold samples they take from your home. The rules in Texas do not allow the same company to do both mold inspection and mold remediation. This company will be able to provide you with a scientific report that identifies the type of mold in your home or business and the health risk level that is present. After you get this mold report, contact us and send us a copy of the report. The report gives us more information needed to give you the most specific and best advice on how to move forward.


If you’ve had flooding, the cause of mold growth will be obvious. If the mold has grown slowly over time, the cause may not be as obvious. Whatever the case may be in your situation, the first steps will be to eliminate the water and/or humidity that is the source of the problem. Because mold requires water or moisture to grow, once the source of the moisture is targeted and eliminated, further mold build up problems are unlikely.

Remove Water And Moisture

The next step is usually to completely eliminate any and all mold in the affected areas. Our Technicians will also completely dry out the water or other moisture in the areas that have water damage. Like many things these days, mold remediation has become pretty high tech. Our company employs the latest technology to both identify water and mold problem areas that may not be visible. We use the best and safest mold removal products on the market. Each mold removal project is unique. Your specific situation may require certain products and/or procedures to ensure complete, 100% elimination of all moisture.


A common procedure the removing mold is to set up a “safe zone” that cover the affected areas with plastic sheeting from floor to ceiling. The area is kept isolated by maintaining a negative press using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtered fan. Additionally, all air vents in and out of the affected areas will be blocked. You then have a contained zone where the mold removal work can continue without affecting the rest of your home or business and with minimal impact on your day-to-day activities.

Remediation Now Begins

After containment, the process of mold remediation begins. All building materials like sheet rock and wood that are moldy and porous need to be removed and double-bagged for disposal. Care will be taken during the bagging and disposal process to eliminate the chances for dispersing mold spores into your home or business. There is no point in cleaning up the affected area and carelessly infecting another area because of sloppy procedures. Mold spores disperse quite quickly and easily and can start growing again if they find the right moisture conditions.

Final Inspection

When remediation is completely finished the inspection company will return and do another inspection to certify the mold has been properly remediated.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water DamageWater damage Austin can be devastating to a house, inside and out. Obviously, your first consideration should the safety of your family. Here we offer a bit of information to help guide you to the necessary resources in restoring your home and undoing the damage that has been caused by flooding.

You’ll Need A Timely Response

Bacteria grow rampantly in regions of water damage, particularly when sewage overflow is involved. With the right equipment, water can be extracted from your carpets and restored to its previous condition if caught in time. Depending on the extent of the damage; removal, de-construction and then reconstruction might be required. Water damage restoration Austin needs to be dealt with immediately. Here are some helpful general guidelines that will help you quickly restore your home.

1. Contact your chosen water extraction/mold removal company in your Austin area.

2. Shut off the power in the entire affected areas. Although it appears harmless, water is a conduit of electricity and can facilitate power outages and electrocution. Also, slip and fall accidents are frequent.

3. Take any immediate corrective measures. For example, turn off the water line to a faucet, washing machine, or dishwasher.

4. Document the entire damage by writing notes and taking pictures or video. Be as detailed as possible. The insurance company will require this.

5. Remove as much excess water as possible – squeegee, toweling, mopping still water; establishing small holes in the ceiling to drain trapped water using buckets and/or containers.

6. Move around the area carefully – surfaces will most likely be exceedingly slippery.

7. Don’t dispose of any debris or damaged items! Wait until your chosen restoration company inspects, documents, and itemizes those belongings.

Don’t Wait, It Only Gets Worse With Time

All types of water damage Austin require attention to minimize further losses. Moisture damage comes fast and sometimes the difference between minor restoration and complete replacement can be determined in an hour’s time. Regular water and wet materials are a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, mildew, and dangerous mold. The sooner you look for a qualified, master technician, the better off you will be.

Houston Hail Storm Damage

Repairing Roofs Damaged By Hail Storm – Houston Metro area.

Has your roof been damaged by hail or storm? If yes, don’t panic because Texas Metal Roof Contractors has experienced experts who can restore your roof to its former condition as soon as we get on to the site. We are ready to start work hail damaged roof as soon as the incident has occurred. Hail will damage vents and/or shingles which can allow your roof to leak. Roof leaks that go unattended to can and will cause additional damage and cost so it’s important to have your roof repaired as soon as possible. Even if your roof isn’t leaking after a serious hail or wind storm you need to contact us and schedule a free inspection. If you’ve been hit by a hail storm it is very likely you have some roof damage. Most likely some of the tiles have been damaged and will need replacing. After our inspection, we’ll be able to give you a full account of any damage and free roof estimate for any repairs needed.

Roof Emergency Repair:

When assessing the damage caused, we check on the shingles to establish the extent of the damage caused. We’ll want to make sure the underlying components have not been compromised. Often, the impact of the hail may damage the tiles granular surfacing. This loosens the granules allowing them to separate from the coating layer and being washed away. We‘ll check the common signs that show whether the roof has been badly or slightly damaged. In some cases, the granules may be damaged by old age. We’ll check the hail bruised shingles to we determine whether the damage has been caused by the hail or not.

Roof Hail Damage

Finally, the reason why you should choose us for your roof hail damage repairs is that we have experts who can assess the situation and recommend the best repairs to be done. They will give you a free estimate of how much it will cost you to have the roof repaired. We have completed every kind of roof repair and we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies so as to give you the best repairs possible. Similarly, our experts will not just focus on the damaged roof, but will also offer help in repairing other areas such as gutter and flashes.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is the process of complete removal of molds from homes or offices. Listed here are some of the commonly used methods and equipment used in professional mold remediation:

 Sporicidin Disinfectant Spray

This spray is an FDA cleared and registered with EPA to be used in hospitals. Sporicidin Disinfectant Spray is registered for mildew and mold remediation to be used in home, institute and commercial environments. This product is has been used in dental clinics and hospitals since 1978. It provides 100% security from disease from the problem. Even odor-causing organisms also can be treated with it. According to EPA, this disinfectant is quite effective to fight the HINI influenza A virus and as well as another influenza A viruses. It has been judged as the best disinfectant to deal with institutional, industrial, health care, and home and office mold problems.


Air-scrubbers are used to remove the toxin mold, lead dust and asbestos during abatement and renovating projects. Accessories that come with air scrubbers include activated carbon-fibers, germicide UV-C light, and HEPA filters to remove chemical fumes, biological contaminants, lead, and asbestos. It is quite effective for mold remediation and thus provides a healthier and cleaner environment at industrial, renovations, and construction projects. It is primarily designed for the containment and removal of airborne impurities such as asbestos, mold spores generated at the construction sites. It designed for portability and versatility and can be used as an air scrubber or negative air machine.

Phoenix 200 Max Dehumidifier

The Phoenix 200 MAX Dehumidifier is a versatile and effective drying device for commercial mold remediation Compared to other refrigerant dehumidifiers, the 200 MAX is more effective in removing more moisture from the environment and is electric efficient as well, using only 7.4 amps. If you see its performance with air filtration options and multiple ducting, you will come to know why this is considered as an ultimate product for low-grain refrigerant dehumidification. The original product 200 LGR (low-grain refrigerant) was known for delivering considerably drier air and the Phoenix 200 MAX has entered the market as an improved version of Phoenix 200, which is the result of eight year’s research of LGR manufacturing.

HEPA vacuums Pullman-Holt 10 Gal Dry HEPA Vacuums

HEPA remediation system contains a powerful 1.5 HP motor that has a large capacity of working. Model no. 45 provides vacuums that costs three times less electricity compared to other models of the same category. The company claims that this model retains the highest standards of working like other HEPA vacuums, so it is able to withstand hard use for years to come. Another benefit of this equipment is that it produces low noise which enables its use even in areas that are sound sensitive. It is available with a fully equipped toolset which includes a 25 feet power cord.

Carpet extractors Pullman-Holt Carpet Extractor

The . This model comes with a recovery tank and 7-gallon solution. Its high performance and compact size make it one of the best products in the market. Optional stair tool, floor wand, and hand tool are also available with this model. Its 2.0-HP is capable of maximum water lift. The 1400 rpm brush motor is capable of quick removal of soil and dust from the carpets. The other feature of model SC400 is rotationally molded tanks, welded steel chassis, and powder coated body. The model is portable, can be cleaned, and replaces easily.

Here Come the Spring Storms

Hail Storms

Hail Storms are regular spring occurrence in the Houston area. Dealing with the after-effects can be not only frustrating but also expensive. Hail is a form of solid precipitation. When it falls to the earth it hurtles down at speeds between 20 and 100 mph depending on the size of the stones. Add these two things together and you’ve got the perfect makings for destruction. Ask anyone that lives in the Houston area and they’ll tell you that there’s not much they can do about the weather that brings hail damage. These people understand that springtime brings certain regular weather patterns that bring heavy rain, hail, and thunderstorms that can and cause damage to their property and crops.

Take a Look At Your Roof

If you’re like most people you don’t spend a lot of time on your roof, so might be a bit difficult to know if and when your roof needs some maintenance. There are a few things that you can look for to help you recognize damage to your roof after a hail storm. First, check all around your house. Look at your mailbox and the siding on your home. If any of these are dented or dinged, your roof has probably sustained some damage. Also, if you happen to have a porch roof, take a small ladder and look at that roof. It will give you a good idea about the condition of the rest of your roof. The next logical step is to contact a residential roofing contractor to schedule a free roofing inspection.

You Don’t Want Small Problems to Go Unattended To

When you’re talking fixing problems that arise due to hail, then you need to find the right roofing contractor to fix the problem. The big issue with hail damage is it can cause a wide array of problems, from small problems to more serious ones. During any typical hail storm, you may have to deal with not only large dings and dents caused by the hail, in addition to the problems that small hailstones have caused. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you find a contractor to do roof repair who is experienced at repairing hail damage. You’ll want someone who can not only recognize the large problems, but also the small ones. Left unattended small problems to become serious and expensive over time.