Houston Hail Storm Damage

Repairing Roofs Damaged By Hail Storm – Houston Metro area.

Has your roof been damaged by hail or storm? If yes, don’t panic because Texas Metal Roof Contractors has experienced experts who can restore your roof to its former condition as soon as we get on to the site. We are ready to start work hail damaged roof as soon as the incident has occurred. Hail will damage vents and/or shingles which can allow your roof to leak. Roof leaks that go unattended to can and will cause additional damage and cost so it’s important to have your roof repaired as soon as possible. Even if your roof isn’t leaking after a serious hail or wind storm you need to contact us and schedule a free inspection. If you’ve been hit by a hail storm it is very likely you have some roof damage. Most likely some of the tiles have been damaged and will need replacing. After our inspection, we’ll be able to give you a full account of any damage and free roof estimate for any repairs needed.

Roof Emergency Repair:

When assessing the damage caused, we check on the shingles to establish the extent of the damage caused. We’ll want to make sure the underlying components have not been compromised. Often, the impact of the hail may damage the tiles granular surfacing. This loosens the granules allowing them to separate from the coating layer and being washed away. We‘ll check the common signs that show whether the roof has been badly or slightly damaged. In some cases, the granules may be damaged by old age. We’ll check the hail bruised shingles to we determine whether the damage has been caused by the hail or not.

Roof Hail Damage

Finally, the reason why you should choose us for your roof hail damage repairs is that we have experts who can assess the situation and recommend the best repairs to be done. They will give you a free estimate of how much it will cost you to have the roof repaired. We have completed every kind of roof repair and we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies so as to give you the best repairs possible. Similarly, our experts will not just focus on the damaged roof, but will also offer help in repairing other areas such as gutter and flashes.