The Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water DamageWater damage Austin can be devastating to a house, inside and out. Obviously, your first consideration should the safety of your family. Here we offer a bit of information to help guide you to the necessary resources in restoring your home and undoing the damage that has been caused by flooding.

You’ll Need A Timely Response

Bacteria grow rampantly in regions of water damage, particularly when sewage overflow is involved. With the right equipment, water can be extracted from your carpets and restored to its previous condition if caught in time. Depending on the extent of the damage; removal, de-construction and then reconstruction might be required. Water damage restoration Austin needs to be dealt with immediately. Here are some helpful general guidelines that will help you quickly restore your home.

1. Contact your chosen water extraction/mold removal company in your Austin area.

2. Shut off the power in the entire affected areas. Although it appears harmless, water is a conduit of electricity and can facilitate power outages and electrocution. Also, slip and fall accidents are frequent.

3. Take any immediate corrective measures. For example, turn off the water line to a faucet, washing machine, or dishwasher.

4. Document the entire damage by writing notes and taking pictures or video. Be as detailed as possible. The insurance company will require this.

5. Remove as much excess water as possible – squeegee, toweling, mopping still water; establishing small holes in the ceiling to drain trapped water using buckets and/or containers.

6. Move around the area carefully – surfaces will most likely be exceedingly slippery.

7. Don’t dispose of any debris or damaged items! Wait until your chosen restoration company inspects, documents, and itemizes those belongings.

Don’t Wait, It Only Gets Worse With Time

All types of water damage Austin require attention to minimize further losses. Moisture damage comes fast and sometimes the difference between minor restoration and complete replacement can be determined in an hour’s time. Regular water and wet materials are a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, mildew, and dangerous mold. The sooner you look for a qualified, master technician, the better off you will be.